Residential . Commercial . Design & Build
Residential . Commercial . Design & Build

Barr Construction & Restoration

Welcome to our website, a great way to get acquainted.

We are a detail-orientated quality construction company based in the California foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

We will provide an in-depth study of land assets, and natural beauty, to guide the design and
development of your home.

We provide direction and advice to help our clients reach a realistic design according to their needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Our goal is to bring creativity & excitement to every project, and to provide our customers with quality & service at an excellent value.

Each design is unique and no home is ever reproduced.

Tuolumne County Custom Homes

Your home can be a personal statement of individuality and style. It is where you spend
time with your family and friends and enjoy some of the most memorable occasions in life.

We strive to produce among the finest, meticulously built custom homes in Tuolumne County, by providing craftsmanship, service and value.

Our team will design the project for you, or work with your architect or designer.